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Gaming sessions. Small Print. This solution has positive votes and 3 negative votes. Please log in to vote. I first thought they meant the bomb challenges, so i did them first and i don't know if you have to complete them for the achievement. As soon as you unlocked Piri Reis at the great basar you can enter his room, you can find it on the map, he got an extra icon. In his room you can craft bombs, buy stuff from him and so on. When you're done, hide at the exit. There is a pair of soldiers in front of you.

Throw the last bomb at them and then quickly run to the left, leaving the zone unnoticed. Full Sync: Create at least two conflicts between factions with different guards each time.

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This time you'll learn how to use Cherry Bomb. This is a grenade, which attracts near guards with its explosion. Once you get to the indicated place, throw the bomb near the group of enemies.

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They will leave their post then, and your recruit will be able to sneak on the other side. Your next target is located bit further. This time, when you throw a grenade at the marked point, you'll attract there Ottoman soldiers and Templar. Both groups will start fighting with each other, paying no attention at assassin running by.

You can now leave the zone and end the mission but if you want to get the full sync, you have to create one more fight between different guards.

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You can find them on the right from the previous group. It is enough to throw a grenade near them and you'll accomplish your task. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia.

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