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Landis published by TGS International. But the famous Indian chief is wary of the white men's corrupted treaties and requires Heckewelder to write his story exactly as he tells it. Historically accurate and filled with emotion, War Chief Conquered brings the reader close to the heart of a powerful war chief, showing his struggle as he attempts to lead the Delaware Indians to a secure homeland.

Would overcoming their English and Iroquois enemies in battle bring security to the Delaware? Glikkikan learns that war and murder only increase bitterness and hatred, and he yearns for something better. When Glikkikan confronts the Christian Indians who refused to join in the warfare, he is confident that he can overcome them with his carefully prepared arguments. Instead, the Great Glikkikan finds himself speechless. Then he declares to his fellow warriors, "These Christians have the truth! Listen to them! Precisely when Glikkikan is convinced he has found the path to truth and happiness, a difficult choice confronts him.

Must he love his enemies to serve the Savior? Witness Glikkikan's struggle to overcome the bitterness of his warring past by allowing the Savior to conquer his heart. Prayer is the gateway to many blessings. It brings us to the throne of God, and shields us from the power of the tempter. Daily communing with God is essential to victory. Prayer is not a tool to put on the back shelf and use only in an emergency. The person who lives in the spirit of prayer will find it to be an avenue of reciprocal love. How can we have effectual, fervent prayers in the midst of the snares of a fast-paced twenty-first century society?

A key thought in this book is "Be still and know that I am God" Psalm Drawing from Jesus' own examples, as well as examining the prayer life of saints in the past, this book contains much practical advice to help the believer more fully enjoy the blessings of daily communion with our heavenly Father. God holds ultimate control over all His creation. He establishes laws, institutions, and authority to maintain order in His creation.

Books by Steve Cameron

He delegates authority to men to regulate conduct and to maintain peace in the home, the church, and the government. But that in no way diminishes God's authority over all things. We properly exercise authority only as we submit ourselves to God and to those whom He has set over us. As we submit to God and his delegated authority, we achieve our highest purpose and ultimate usefulness. If we resist God's will and rebel against those whom He has set over us, we condemn ourselves. God gave us life, order and authority to do His will "in earth, as it is in heaven. But ultimately, God will bring all things back into subjection to Himself.

Your toddler will become familiar with the stories of the Bible with this color picture book. Take it with you wherever you go. They will want to look at it many times. Pictures are from Favorite Stories from the Bible. A simple sentence describes each story. This book for young children is a great introduction to arouse their curiosity and interest in the Bible.

Are you looking for worthwhile ways to occupy your children? Do you want to brighten the outlook of a shut-in or a lonely senior citizen? Or perhaps you want to fill your own mind with thoughts of God. This book of puzzles may be just what you're looking for. The Bible verses in these puzzles remind us of the importance of prayer.

God hears the prayers of His children. Jesus taught that we "ought always to pray, and not to faint. Children love the storybook Tell Me the Stories of Jesus. Now they can enjoy coloring scenes based on its rich and beautiful paintings. Simple outline pictures from everyday life that children can relate to.

Some dot-to-dot drawing and some number-sequence drawing make these coloring books a bit more activity oriented. Ideal for the developing child. This make-your-own calendar includes twelve pictures to color as well as blank calendar pages so children can fill in the days for each month. Each picture includes a verse or saying related to the theme of homes.

It is undated, but includes thumbnail calendar dates in the front through This book is designed to help your children express their creativity. By coloring the pictures carefully, they can enjoy them each day of the month. Later, verses from outdated calendars may be framed to be used as mottoes.

As children fill in the numerals for each day of the month, they will observe that a month may begin on any day of the week. Below the numerals, they may want to write birthdays of family or friends, or other important events. We hope this calendar will increase children's interest in understanding and using a calendar regularly. When Johhny Miller received his draft notice at the height of the Vietnam War, he knew that as a follower of Jesus, he could never take a human life.

Although his debt to God could never be paid in a lifetime, Johnny was willing to serve two years in 1-W service to pay his debt to his country. Sharing from his experiences as a conscientious objector in the Bethesda Hospital, Johnny introduces us to a memorable cast of characters ranging from friends to coworkers to patients.

He writes honestly about the tragic, the touching, and the humorous events that filled his days as an orderly. The memoir of this talented storyteller will move and bless you. His sincere efforts portrayed the love of Christ to those he encountered while paying the debt he owed. Few people realize that while the Reformation was altering the face of central Europe, a parallel movement was underway in Spain. It was inspired by brave people who dared to study and practice the Bible in the face of intense opposition from the Catholic Inquisition.

Among the leaders of the Spanish Reformation was Casiodoro de Reina, a man who passionately wanted to provide the people of Spain with the Bible in their own language. During the twelve years he spent translating the Bible, the Inquisition ruthlessly hunted him in an effort to destroy his work. As Casiodoro fled from country to country across Europe in search of safety, the Inquisition imprisoned, tortured, and burned his fellow believers, determined to suppress the spread of God's Word.

Despite all their efforts, Casiodoro completed his translation at last, and it became the foundation for the Bible that is still read by millions of Spanish-speaking believers today. The gripping story of Casiodoro de Reina's mission is one of adventure, betrayal, suffering, endurance, and death. Most of all it is a story of triumph—the triumph of God's Word that is stronger than fire.

Sequel to Fountain of Life ; also available as a set. Father warns that Jerusalem and its temple are destined for destruction. Adam declares that God will never let His temple fall. He believes God will soon destroy Roman rule and restore true Temple worship once more. Is Adam right?


Or does Father speak truth when he says that believers are now God's living tabernacle? Set in the time of the apostles, this story vividly portrays both the turmoil and the deep peace devout Jews experienced as they grappled with the reality of Jesus the Messiah. From the Hightower Book Series. A sequel to How Big Is God? Take a break from life and sit down with a child and read him or her a story.

Come with them as they make new friends and share God's good ways. Attending classes only half a day gave them plenty of time to roam the great out-of-doors in the year-round, spring-like climate of Northern Baja California, Mexico. Come with them swimming, fishing and playing on the rocks and the sand of the beach. Go with them climbing the rugged mountain, go bike riding down the steep hill from their little yellow house, or play at the neighborhood ball-field. Travel with them on mission trips over the mountains into barren deserts. Watch their dad pulling and filling teeth, or sewing up wounds, or baptizing new converts.

Help them set up the big camp meeting tent in the valley and make memories that have lasted a lifetime. This simple picture book is intended not only as entertainment for small children but also as a teaching tool to help them appreciate the gifts God gives us. The fantasy found in many children's books is detrimental to the development of sound character. Our hope is that this book can be used to instill seeds of truth into very young minds.

Under Attack lets you in on the desperation and frustration of Moravian missionaries and converted Indians as the duplicity and greed of the Whites force them to leave their prosperous villages and start over again As the story unfolds, you will thrill when adult heathen Indians like Chief Wassamapah, Renatus, and Papunhank cast themselves upon the Savior's mercy and seek healing for their souls In Under Attack you will witness the suffering and injustices thrust upon godly people as they are driven like cattle from one place to another.

You will read true accounts of slander, race baiting, theft, murder, deportation, captivity, forced marches, and exile. In one situation after another the Christian Indians find themselves despised and unwanted by so many, yet possessing a power that draws men from the darkest corners of heathendom to join them in daily worship of the Savior. Listen in as the aging Glikkikan recounts to the thirty-year-old Moravian scribe, John Heckewelder, his version of the troubling times.

Feel the tension as Glikkikan insists that he knows the underlying cause of what repeatedly pushed the Christian Indians out of their homes and villages. Young Heckewelder disagrees. Join these two in a quest for truth in this historically accurate story and catch a glimpse of the vision embodied in a yet undiscovered gold medallion. Charles Ludwig knows just what boys and girls like to read in adventures. These stories are written right from the heart of Africa. As a boy Mr. Ludwig spent ten years in Kenya Colony, attended school there, and slept under the stars with only a fire to keep the hyenas away as they greedily circled the camp.

One night lions came and stole the dried meat suspended on a wire near the camp. Ludwig has written many books, most of them about Africa. In this series you'll read about the adventures of Chuma, daughter of the most famous witch doctor in Bunyore, and also about Ndama and Ochella, two brothers who join Missionary Green and have many narrow escapes as they help to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The officer led them into a large storage room. In one corner of the room was a pile of crates. A few sheets of paper straggled out between the slats of the crates.

Samuel thought Those must be the Martyr Books! Heinrich glared at the soldier, pity draining from his heart. Heinrich spat.

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Here's your mercy. Heinrich walked away from the wounded soldier, but he could not get away from the wretchedness he felt in his heart. How could God show him mercy when he had been so ruthless?

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Set in the American Revolution, A Drop of Mercy is the story of a young man finding his way—and finding hope—through the smoke and confusion of a war that crashed into his own backyard. All her life Susannah found herself struggling to overcome the stigma of being one of John Heckendorn's daughters. No wonder they're so poor. And poor they were. Poor, that is, in everything but children. Of children there were eleven and most grew up in other homes throughout the community. Among them was Susannah. As a young girl she found herself forced to live with the Martins, a prosperous Mennonite family—fine Christian people.

Or were they? Susannah learns early on that appearance can be deceiving. Susannah's Quest is a true story, a sad story, a troubling story. It's a story of hardship, emotional struggles, and sadly of church problems. And yet, Susannah's story is also a story of hope. Despite adversity, she rose above her past and finds peace and contentment in yielding to the will of God.

The Bible is the best-selling and most widely read book of all time, but many people are intimidated at the thought of reading it. Maybe you've heard that it's an ancient and outdated book, or perhaps you've been told it's just too difficult to understand. What Is the Bible?

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You'll learn that knowing more about the time and culture in which the Bible was written makes it easier to understand. You'll discover that it contains timeless wisdom—yes, wisdom still relevant in our modern world. And best of all, you'll find that it contains the greatest story ever told, a story with the potential to change your life forever. This little guide provides you with a brief overview of each book of the Bible and gives tips on how to read and study the Bible.

Let this booklet guide you into a wonderful journey of exploring the most important book ever written, God's Word, the Holy Bible. Is home a refuge to flee to or a misery to escape from? This largely depends on whether we accept God's order or not. Rebelling against or neglecting God's order results in chaos and is anything but beautiful. Accepting and practicing God's order results in a beautiful home. A large portion of this book deals with parenting, which is overwhelming without God's help.

Are we aware of the directions God gives in His Word? Do we understand the importance of a Scriptural brotherhood? Do we realize the aid of the Holy Spirit? What if we have failed? Homelife includes difficult relationships, special challenges, or less-than-ideal circumstances. This book presents hope for such situations, even after failure or defeat. Can a husband and a wife live in peace with each other? Is it possible to raise God-fearing children in a God-dishonoring world?

What are the challenges of raising children in foreign cultures? What are the challenges and blessings of adoption? How should parents relate to rebellious children? How should they relate to married children? What is God's plan for single adults? What is our responsibility to aged parents and other elderly ones among us? How should parents teach their children the facts of life?

How should one relate to a marriage partner who is not a victorious Christian? Are peaceful relationships possible? This book presents Bible principles and applies them to these questions. Paul addressed the Epistle of Ephesians to "the saints which are at Ephesus, and to the faithful in Christ Jesus. What does it mean to be a "saint"? The original Greek word means "sacred" or "holy one. Saints are those who have been redeemed from sin by the blood of Jesus. They remain faithful in the pathway of holiness by yielding their lives to Jesus Christ.

It is to these that Paul writes this profound epistle. Family worship is a time for parents and children to gather for singing, Bible reading, and spiritual instruction. Many parents see the importance of family worship, but struggle to find material suitable for their whole family. Faithful Families is part of a series of devotional books that addresses that need. Each of the thirteen sections in this book focuses on a different Bible character—Noah, Rahab, Samson, and others.

Each sections has readings for seven days, making ninety-one lessons—enough for approximately a quarter of a year. Each day's lesson consists of two parts. The first part is especially for Dad and Mom and the older children. It includes a suggested Scripture reading, a theme verse, and a devotional meditation on the topic introduced by the Scripture reading.

The second part consists of a reading from a continued children's story related to that week's theme. Each story is followed by questions for review and discussion, which provide opportunities for applying the theme to life. May God bless your family worship time, that you and your family may "grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" 2 Peter God is faithful to His promises, so "let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering" Hebrews Captain Jim felt calm elation as he leveled the C at cruise altitude.

He'd show those boys some real power. Samuel didn't do it because he was humble. He did it to appear humble. Yes, he admitted to himself, it was an act. Kaitlin slipped down by her bed and the words came, broken words from a broken soul. It was not good English. It was good submission. Carlton ascended the stairs, pondering. How easy it would have been to shut out the inner voice and just do what he wanted to do like—well, like Martha had. But the difference, as he now saw it, was staggering. The stories in Clutched in the Talons powerfully illustrate the danger of becoming ensnared by lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

Let the message of these stories grip your heart and stir you to greater surrender and commitment to God's will. A sequel to Cindy. Also available in this set. Cindy Cox looked back on her childhood with a desire to forget. Those years had been filled with aching loneliness, the antagonism of her parents, the longing for love and joy, and the search for truth. Since Cindy had learned to know her Saviour, she looked forward to a joyful future.

And the future looked bright indeed! John Miller was also an important part of her life. As their relationship grew and blossomed into mutual confidence and love, Cindy and John looked forward to a home of their own, one on which God's blessing would rest. But the ties to the past could not be entirely erased. Cindy still faced stressful times of relating to her ungodly mother and siblings.

And where was Daddy? Should she try to contact him? She had not seen him for twenty years, and the desire to meet her birth father grew stronger. In spite of disappointments and sorrow, Cindy could say with confidence that her life was full and complete. She was a part of the family of God!

Fourth book in the Olive Series. Sequel to Olive and Macy. Summer vacation has ended, and school days begin for Olive, Joy, and Macy. To celebrate the first day of school, the girls decide to sleep outside one night under a homemade tent of blankets. Olive and Macy cannot go to sleep right away. So they take a little walk to the tree bench. What a Family by Rachel Isadora. What a Family! Ollie learns what cousins of different degrees are and that his family includes people of European, African and Asian heritage.

I Am Me by Karla Kuskin. On a beach outing with her extended family, the narrator of I Am Me! Billy and Belle by Sarah Garland. Billy and Belle is a timeless classic following a loving mixed race family on the day their new baby is born. Silver Shoes by Caroline Binch. But her parents tells her to wait and see if she likes the class first. Mixed Me! I Am Mixed by Garcelle Beauvais. I Am Mixed light-heartedly explores what it is like to be a multiracial family, showing that a child is more than the sum of their parents.

Black, White, Just Right! Each page shows the likes and dislikes, the hobbies and habits of the individual family members: Her white dad loves meat, her black mom is vegetarian, the little girl likes both. Dad likes to rap, mom loves ballet. But they have one thing in common: They both love their granddaughter dearly.

Everything important happens near it or through it. A joyful celebration of the special bond between grandparents and grandchild. It tells the story of a young American sailor falling in love with a young Japanese woman. Brown Like Me by Noelle Lamperti. Lamperti tells her own story, an adopted African American girl growing up in a white community and trying to find herself reflected in the people and things around her. Brown Like Me is a n authenic picture book that can help black children build a strong and positive self-image. You Were the First is a touching tribute to first born babies.

The warm graphite pencil illustrations complement the sweet text. Waiting for Baby by Rachel Fuller. Waiting for Baby follows a multiracial family from pregnancy to living with a new baby. This cute picture book shows the delights as well as the downfalls of having a younger sibling. There is no text which promotes conversation and gives parents and children the opportunity to tell their own story.

One Family by George Shannon. One Family shows families of all shapes and colours — from multigenerational to multiracial — doing familiar activities like going to the zoo or baking cookies. One world. These engaging picture books send the message to children that every family is perfectly normal and totally wonderful.

Snowflakes by Cerrie Burnell.

Dear Zoo - World Book Day

At first, she feels very different from the other children she sees. But watching the snow falling, Mia realises that she is just as unique and perfect as each of the Snowflakes. Oh, Oh, Baby Boy! The journey of the multiracial family comes full circle when the baby boy eventually grows up and becomes a father himself. Waiting for May by Janet Morgan Stoeke.

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A young boy eagerly awaits the arrival of his new baby sister from China. Waiting for May follows the long adoption process until the boy finally meets his sister and is the first to make her smile. Simple text and colourful illustrations make this a good book to read with preschool children.

This is our favourite picture book about mixed race families! The charming series follows biracial little Anna who lives in amazing Africa with her white mom and black dad, her baby twin brothers, and lots of extended family. With the help of her mother, she finds her very own way of expressing her joy. More from the same series: Anna Hibiscus Complete Collection. Bonjour, Lonnie by Faith Ringgold.

Bonjour, Lonnie follows an orphan boy through Paris on his surreal search for his family history. An African Princess by Lyra Edmonds. When Lyra meets her Auntie May in the Caribbean, she learns that she is indeed one in a long line of princesses from Africa. In I love Saturdays y domingos a little biracial girl visits her European American grandparents on Saturdays, and on Sundays domingos she spends the day with her Mexican American a buelito y abuelita. She goes to the circus with one set of grandparents, to the sea with the other and celebrates her birthday with both of them.

Jalapeno Bagels by Natasha Wing. The chano bars his Mexican mother makes or the bagels his white Jewish father bakes? He eventually comes up with a food that perfectly represents his mixed heritage. Growing up as the child of a Mohawk Indian mother and a Jewish professional gambler, Robbie developed an interest in music, fueled by reservation storytelling. Just like any other family Marmee, Meema and their three kids like to cuddle, cook and dance together. I am Flippish! Sean is sad and confused when one of his classmates says that his dad is not his dad because he has a different colour skin.

The teacher instructs the children to ask their parents about their ancestry. One Word from Sophia by Jim Averbeck. Sophia has one true desire for her birthday: A pet giraffe. Will her presentations, proposals, and pie charts convince them? One Word From Sophia is a playfully illustrated story about the nuances of negotiation.

Follow Abi Cool and Tony Cool on their journey to find the most valuable treasure! La Familia Cool is a fun bilingual book about celebrating diversity, family values and identity. But the two grannies have completely different ways of doing things, from the food they eat, to the games they play and the stories they tell. Dumpling Soup by Jama Kim Rattigan. Dumpling Soup is a joyful celebration of mixed heritage. Violet by Tania Duprey Stehlik. With the help of some paint, her mother shows her that when you mix red and blue, you get a beautiful violet!

Gem by Emma Kallok. Dream-like Gem tells the story of a young biracial girl eagerly awaiting the birth of her new sibling. Her neighbour Bluesy Walker, composes a special song for the baby. Two Mrs. He talked a lot about fishing, his clothes were too big, he was spending a lot of time in the freezer and getting through mountains of tinned fish. Hmmmmm, BookBairn's Papa likes to golf not fish, his clothes usually fit just fine, he doesn't like to be chilly and much prefers chocolate biscuits to fish for a snack Then one day the zoo calls.

There has been a mix-up and the little girl and her 'odd' Papa head to the zoo to sort things out and you'll never guess who is inside the penguin enclosure: the little girl's real Papa!! So the penguin and the girl say their goodbyes, and the little girl takes her Papa home BookBairn just loves this story - she definitely understands that the little girl thinks that the penguin is her Papa but BookBairn knows that something is up! She loves that strange things that the penguin gets up to and she loves that he is wearing the Papa's glasses.

She laughs that he is in the freezer beside the ice cream! She likes finding the odd penguin out in the endpapers - it's just a brilliant read for her. I have mentioned before that BookBairn seems to really enjoy books where the illustrations are set against quite simple or plain backgrounds I think this is because it allows her to focus on the main action in the foreground and this book does that beautifully.

The characters are also deceptively simple meaning that BookBairn can discuss the picture with ease and likes to retell the story in her own words what a great way to support pre-reading and literacy skills for a child as young as two-years-old. And if you've read 'Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea' by the same author you might spot a few connecting illustrative details too. BookBairn loves this one so much - it has made it on to the Favourites Shelf with ease and she has shared it at nap-time story with her Papa, much to his amusement!

50+ Picture Books about Mixed Race Families

The perfect book to be enjoyed with Papa and maybe a Penguin biscuit? Share this post. BookBairn's Papa C 21 April at BookBairn Blog 23 April at MamaMummyMum 24 April at BookBairn Blog 30 April at Catherine Story Snug 25 April at Claire the ladybird's adventures 25 April at Michelle Ashmore 26 April at Rosie Little Fish 27 April at Acorn books 30 April at Kate Eccles 1 May at BookBairn Blog 3 May at Angela Milnes 11 May at BookBairn Blog 13 May at Newer Post Home Older Post.

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