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I tried to fake a headache but he was pretty insistent. Once again, my fear of having him think something was up made me give into him. In every other aspect of our relationship, he is amazing. But once we get in bed, he finishes really fast. I have tried encouraging him to spend more time with foreplay, but I soon found that I feel more pleasure when he is inside me. So, by the time I start to really feel the groove, that is when he suddenly finishes.

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I Am Sexually Attracted to My Brother-in-law "My marriage has been fine but my husband and I do not have that much passion in our relationship. Also, my husband is not a very intellectual person so I missed having someone to have intelligent conversation with. I found out that my brother-in-law is one of the smartest people I have ever met. My brother-in-law and I connected on an intellectual level. He made me feel excitement and I felt I could talk to him for hours.

I fantasized about going on a date with him, then I started daydreaming about making love to him. This made me so turned-on that I felt my heart beating faster and I got sweaty. For now, nothing has happened, but one thing that I know for a fact is, if he ever came on to me, or shows any signs that he wants me sexually too, I would never be able to say no. At first, we only had sex about once every month, but at about 6 months into the pregnancy, he stopped touching me altogether. I have pleaded and tried to cajole him, but to no avail.

I was really horny during my pregnancy, which is a surprise because my husband has always been the one with the higher libido. I asked him why he would not touch me, but he dismissed the question. Eventually, I had to accept that maybe he does not find me sexually attractive because I am carrying his child.

We made love only once. A month after, I found out I was pregnant after taking a test when I missed my period. I know it is not my boyfriend's child because he and I have always used condoms. I was terrified how he would take it. Follow her and ask for my money back, when 30 other children had missed theirs because of my little tapas trumpeter?

Or admit to my school friend that it was my fault and scrounge in my purse for change to give her in compensation? Thankfully one of the staff members made the announcement that the lessons would move into the larger pool and no one would miss out.

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While everyone shuffled off in one direction toward the big pool, my daughter and I skulked in the other direction towards the front desk. The… accident, in the pool, was by my daughter. Do I have to do anything? Pay anything? I see. Not like that one though. My boss is on the phone to the filter manufacturers. Um, see you next week? We stuck at it and my nearly 6yo is now a toilet trained mermaid who still loves swimming. And tapas. The photo attached is from our trip to Vanuatu last year where she posted a postcard at the underwater postbox which was about 4m down.

She was so proud of herself! It was going to be nostalgic, it was going to be fun, it was going to be alcohol lubricated. As she was a poor student working a few jobs just to pay the rent on a single bed in a shared house, we decided to shout her lunch. So we chose a nice Bavarian cafe that had a great beer list and hearty meals. After much gentle arguing over who was paying, we finally managed to get her to accept our offer.

Wonder why…. It sounds like a cheesed up Wuthering Heights.

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I don't like Jane Eyre the character. Last year I was in a small buddy read, and I made a minor criticism that caused a minor uproar if there is such a thing of Jane and decided not to say how much I disliked Jane. I hated the Twilight. As for its movie adaptations, I hated the New Moon out of the three. Gosh, even it's movie adaptation is boring! I hated everything about it, don't ask, I just do.

I can argue about the first movie, though. Apr 14, PM. I disliked "The Great Gatsby" Fitzgerald is not one of my favorite writers, but honestly this story has no point in existing. Boring and predictable. The movie wasn't much better. Erik, now that you mention it, I was underwhelmed when I read "The Great Gatsby" last year with another group.

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I would like to see the film though. I just love men's and women's fashion from the s. I love Gatsby - have got more out of it each time I read it. What I would like would be a version where the actor was or looked Di Caprio has aged well but doesn't look 28 so they changed his age in the film to 32 view spoiler [ which IMO meant the film didn't make sense - part of THE GG's point was how had someone still in his twenties become so wealthy?

Redford wasn't too bad, but visibly too old. Farrow was dreadful. My son also hated the Di Caprio version which I liked. He didn't like the modern soundtrack with a twenties film. Like Carol's son, I'm not a fan of Baz Lurhman's eclectic mishmash style.

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I need to see the Mia Farrow version since some scenes were filmed in Newport. I read one Fitzgerald story in American Lit and didn't care for it. I need to see the Mia Farrow version since some s I liked the first 5 minutes of Moulin Rouge.

Don't think I finished watching it. I hate Don Quixote. It's terrible. I read it for quarterly 3-month read with my classics group last year from July -September. I still get angry about the time I wasted with this long-long book when I could have read several other books. I will admit there were a couple of things that made me giggle in part one and the scene in the garret at "the castle" reminded me of the famous scene from Marx Brothers "A Night at the Opera" when all of those people were in that closet that was being used for Groucho's stateroom on a ocean-liner.

It seemed as if part one and two were written by two different authors. I'll gladly try reading something from a Latin American author, but I don't know if I can try anything from Spain again since Cervantes seems to be revered in the way that English speakers revere Shakespeare. Marie wrote: "Gasp I can't stand Gatsby. And I've read it three times trying to make myself like it. First time I was in high school, and my teachers said I probably wa But saying that I don't like her either.

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I don't know if they are shocking as I know a lot of people who don't like them but I didn't like Wuthering Heights but I am willing to give it another try. Marie wrote: " What didn't you like about Dr Zhivago? I didn't finish it but yes, I was expecting more of a love story. All a long time ago so my memories are hazy on it.

I didn't care for Dr. Zhivago either and thought maybe I was missing something. Mainly, I didn't enjoy reading about him cheating on his lovely wife with Lara.

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I didn't find him a particularly admirable man at all. I suppose it was considered scandalous back in its heyday. Apr 15, PM. Though classics are always the best, there are some really great current YA historical fiction novels. NOT anything that capitalizes on Downton Abbey fame. Honorable mention goes to The Hired Girl.

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Other favorites include anything by Karen Cushman , Jennifer L. My Young Adult Historical Fiction shelf. Apr 16, PM. All the - mostly fantasy and dystopian- series written by authors who have little idea what that means because they're mostly teen love triangles with too stupid to live I assure you I could be here for a week with all the things that make me angry about the whole movement.