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Crunchy and catchy Aussie pop-punk that has hooks for days. Two young sisters conjure ethereal folky harmonies that are simply beautiful and beautifully simple. Explore music. Something in the Air by The Maureens. Barry Gutman. Rick Warhall Chasing the Essential.

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Something in the Air

Bruce Brown. Howard Smith. Randy Brooks. Ross McDougall. Craig Leve. Craig Dorfman. Jay Ell. Paolo Milea.

Something In the Air

Purchasable with gift card. This is the CD edition of our album Something in the Air. She's a Dreamer Can't Stop Did the Blockheads ever cover this? I can easily imagine them doing a fantastically demented version. Nor does it sound anything like ELO. Clearly you and I disagree about a lot. In both cases, however, what really comes through, I believe, is just the self-contained energy of both songs. And, look, the IRA may have claimed SITA as an anthem but, well, except in IRA fantasy, The Troubles are a kind of civil war not a revolution against a regime, so their claiming of the song is self-serving and unfortunate, and we should resist their appropriation this is easier to do on the far side of the world I fully concede.

Still, I think SITA still reads as something separate and special just the way All the young Dudes does from Bowie despite that being fully his track on a deep level. Plus it has that bedded-in-with-the-guitar and compressed sounding vocals that Jeff Lynne also uses and later did again with Petty. SITA sounds a bit like them too to my ears!

Anyone that signals change could use a song like this as their rallying call. There is for me, something very optimistic about the song. As the steam-powered piano breakdown shudders to a halt at the buffers and that subtle key change comes in, we have left the Old World behind, heading for something…better.

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Of course, history refutes such a notion, but I can imagine the hippy optimists clung to notions such as this in the face of overwhelming evidence that things were beginning to take a turn for the worse. The Troubles could never come close to ending until that basic reality was faced. All right. I feel this is among the so much important information for me. But should observation on some basic things, The web site taste is wonderful, the articles is really great : D. Excellent activity, cheers. Number one as Neil and Buzz were walking on the moon and poor Michael Collins stayed behind in the command module, destined to be the forgotten member of the Apollo 11 crew which is why I mention him too.

At one point, he was the most remote man in the world or out of it! This post shifted the meaning of the song for me a bit.

SOMETHING IN THE AIR | The Great British Songbook

Anyway, I guess I mostly like the song, but have to be in the right mood for it. The chorus melody is quite cool. If that makes any sense. Or rather, like something out of the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack. Had it been produced differently, it would fit right in. Hell, even with its subject matter. And hey, with the Annette Peacock connection well spotted!

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- Something in the Air

He remained true to his broad socialist principles and was quite content to stand outside the margins of the broadstream and, sadly, wider success. Very impressed, once again, by your research, Chris. As an aside, the recent BBC Bowie blanket coverage this year has resulted in a lot of younger people of my acquaintance enquiring of me about which records to start with. Now, if we could only get them into Ray Gosling…. I really like the deliverance at the end.

Best song on its album. For sure. I could hardly wait for its article here. Excellent review. Good call. Really quite a lovely song, actually. Love this song and am pro-Hours in general. Bought it on cassette and walked around all day listening to it on my Walkman.

So many sad images in the lyrics that I until recently missed the very obvious. And considering that he wrote this with Reeves in the Bahamas, it would have made for some awkward sessions if a severed professional relationship was what Bowie was singing about. Abracadoo, I lose you, Reeves…. Suddenly the man from the imperial period is back, the man who wrote symphonic, decadent, histrionic anthems full of scarf-waving moments and voice-ripping moments.

You can hear that Bowie loved the Thunderclap Newman record because Eight Line Poem references the abrupt key changes in the bizarre Bonzo-Dog middle section. That Clash reference! And of course the repression only makes the emotion stronger.

What is needed is a catharsis through a final, honest moment of reflection. The mental image I often get is of a man in an empty room looking through a box of assorted personal photographs. However, I can easily say that Something in the Air is 1 of his 2 strongest on the album and another high point in his 90s repertoire.

Hi Momus. I often suspected this song referred to Angie. This is my favourite track on the album and the one I think would have most benefitted from coming during a Visconti period. Heck of a song. The song even sort of just putters to its end. That gratuitous guitar skreek at the very end has always seemed to me like an strong indication that by the Bowie-Gabrels creative partnership had run a bit longer than it ought to have.

Nice song. Reminiscent of Love Is Lost on the recent album, not only for the bum-bum-bum-bum eighth-note bassline but also the lyrics, which seem like the same story told from different places. Interesting to hear about Ray Gosling. He was just someone who used to pop up now and then on the local evening news programme the same one a young Tony Wilson used to appear on when I was young. What a Gabrels hate all of the sudden: I love all his work with Bowie. Just to make sure how much the counterculture was coopted by mainstream business, they got gonzo Rolling Stone journalist turned Republican cheerleader to do the voice over.

I am someone who enjoyed the album from its initial release, fwiw. Pushing Ahead of the Dame David Bowie, song by song. Ray Gosling, Sum Total, Bowie, Uncut interview, Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading