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Everyone had wanted to see The Chosen One. Already, Velondra could hear the festivities occurring in the main gathering hall of the castle. As soon as she came upon the end of the hallway they had been traveling, Velondra could see the King and Queen, along with Josh. They had all been waiting for her. Instantly, all was quiet. They really had respect for their King, she thought. Josh smiled at her and waived. He was still wearing a sheer type of glove that was supposed to help his skin to fully heal. The burn wounds were gone now, but his hands were still slightly sensitive.

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I thank you all for coming, the King started his speech. As many of you have heard, The Fifth Enlightenment is among us. Our savior has arrived, cheers burst out across the crowd. May I be so honored to introduce you all to, Velondra, he held up his hand, gesturing for her to come out onto the balcony where they all stood as he added, The Chosen One. The people awed and gasped as Velondra appeared in front of them. It was obvious that they had all believed she really was The Chosen One.

All because of the blue stone that had decided to implant itself upon her forehead and her very odd change in her now blue glowing eyes. After the clapping and cheering died down a little, the King raised his hand again and all went silent. Please, rejoice and celebrate with us as we welcome our savior, he smiled, motioning for her to follow them down the large golden staircase that led to the crowd. Josh put his arm out for Velondra to embrace as they both walked into the fairytale like ball.

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He had grown up some since she had first met him only a short time ago. A row of thrones sat behind a large table that was filled with more food than Velondra could have even thought possible. The King and Queen had started to make their way towards the thrones as they personally greeted people out of the crowd. Splitting down the middle, the crowd made a path for them directly to their seats. Velondra felt so surreal with their actions.

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Josh was more than enjoying himself though as he thanked people when passing them. He looked very handsome with his new attire. His sandy hair was clean and slicked back, giving him more of a grown up look then his messy hair had portrayed. Velondra just laughed at him as they separated and took their seats behind the large table of food.

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  • Velondra liked how random people and creatures danced in front of their table like they were putting on a show for their rulers. Everyone moved together with the waves of orchestral music that was unlike any tunes she had ever heard before. Velondra needed air after eating more than enough plums and different kinds of meats that she was sure she would never try if she ever knew what animal they had come from.

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    So many people had come up to her to express their feelings of gratitude and hope, all Velondra wanted now was a little privacy. The whole ball, even though she was grateful for it, was all kind of overwhelming. The second Velondra stood, everyone went quiet, even the music ceased. It was like they were waiting for her to say something. Looking around, the whole crowd stared at her.

    Please continue, Velondra smiled at them, and instantly the music and conversation started again.


    There was a small pond with golden benches surrounding it just outside the big gathering hall. Over the past few days, this had been one of her spots she had gone to contemplate everything that had happened to her. A few people seemed to have the same idea she had as they walked around the dimly lit pond. It was so much more beautiful at night than during the day.

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    She could feel their eyes still on her back as she made her way over to a bench and sat down. The night was quiet except for a few crickets chirping. Stars sent little shimmers across the sky, but the big silver moon was its real beauty. It made her wonder what had happened to the people of the Silver Moon and why it had fallen. She wondered if they all had looked and acted similar to the way Triston did. Just as she had thought of him, Triston appeared near some trees on the other side of the pond.

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    Not really. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary In another place and time, Velondra was a normal teenage girl, getting ready to leave her parents house and set off in the world of college and grown ups. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Check out Safe Asylum, now available on Amazon, and get that Halloween spirit rustling!!!

    Wednesday, November 26, Hello to Everyone and a huge Happy Holidays to all. I do apologize for the delay in my newest work. There has been much activities a stirring, including a bun in the oven.

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    Yes, my husband and I are expecting our first child. Unfortunately this has caused much delay in my work, but will be completely worth it: As for my work, I am trying ever so hard to get the next novel out for The Velipian Series. Until then, I wish everyone happy and safe holidays: And as always much thanks to my supporters. Your entertainment has arrived:. Check out my latest book, Safe Asylum, for all the zombie lovers. Hope all enjoy:. When the dead walks, survival is the only instinct that matters.