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When the same boy then becomes the prime suspect in a murder at the Philadelphia Main Library, and runs away, Amanda who knows he's confused and in need of help—whether or not he committed the crime—has no choice but to run after. And to run into the possibility of becoming the next victim herself. The day after Amanda's book club heatedly discusses a fictional woman's suicide, one of the members, Helen Coulter, falls to her death from the roofgarden of her house. Helen's death is declared a suicide, but because of what she'd said during the book discussion, the rest of the group, including Amanda, have trouble accepting this verdict.

In order to interest the police in investigating her death, the women pool their individual memories and definitions of who Helen was. But as Helen's own story begins to take shape, the picture becomes still murkier and more dangerous for all concerned.

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Claire and Present Danger - Read an excerpt - Buy it! However, as her marriage date approaches, Emmie's mother-in-law to be, the ailing, autocratic Claire Fairchild, receives anonymous letters. They suggest, none too subtly, that there's a great deal to learn about the mysterious young woman, none of it good, and much of it involving the violent deaths of the men in her life.

Mackenzie, former homicide detective, current graduate student at Penn. The two of them are hired by Mrs. Fairchild to find out who the charming but evasive Emmie Cade really is. Amanda is determined to prove herself an able investigator by ferreting out Emmie Cade's secrets, but almost immediately, instead of looking at events of the past, she's forced to deal with the here and now—including murder.

Amanda Pepper is understandably stunned to discover a member of one of Philadelphia's finest old families dying at the foot of Philly Prep's marble staircase. It is anybody's guess what led to Tomas Severin's apparent fall and, indeed, why he was in the building in the first place. More questions arise when Amanda enters her otherwise empty classroom and finds a take-out cup of herbal tea laced with the party drug her students call roofies. Why would a middle-aged Philadelphian have a date-rape drug in his tea? Why does he have Amanda's name scribbled in his pocket notebook? Mackenzie, realize that many people felt their lives would improve if Tom's life ended.

A Hole in Juan - Read the first chapter - Buy it! But with Halloween and the annual Mischief Night party only days away, the hope is that nothing more than old-fashioned vandalism and pranks will take place at Philly Prep. No such luck. Trouble erupts long before the witching hour, as the school is plagued by a series of mishaps ranging from the trivial to the potentially deadly—and most of which seem to center on a group of popular seniors.

When the dapper new science instructor, Juan Reyes, receives a threatening message recalling that a teacher was once flayed to death by his students, Amanda and C. Mackenzie must try to find out what, or who, is behind the ominous events.

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Amanda's friend Sasha's stepmother has just committed suicide—although, according to Sasha, Phoebe Ennis would never have killed herself, especially not while having a drink and wearing a red silk blouse and red sandals with four-inch heels. Amanda isn't persuaded, but reluctantly agrees to help investigate the woman's demise, though the evidence for foul play is slim. True, the middle-aged compulsive collector of knickknacks wasn't universally loved. Phoebe's own son hated her and she bored her friends to death with hints of her "royal" lineage.

And with four marriages behind her, she was already preparing to announce her renewed availability on the Net. But when another woman is found dead in Phoebe's house, it becomes clear that something is indeed murderously amiss, and much closer to home than Amanda or anyone else could have imagined. On the other hand, the series ends on a high note, proving again that the sorrow of parting can be sweet. Welcome to Marin County, California, where Emma Howe, a middle-aged, seasoned and prickly private investigator has trouble keeping employees. She's less than overjoyed when her newest hire is Billie August, a single mother, former drama and music major with no saleable skills.

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But Billie located the child her estranged husband had kidnapped and therefore hopes she has an aptitude for investigations. She's willing to be poorly paid and bullied around in order to learn a trade. Despite Emma's misgivings, Billie's hired and her first case involves a missing teenager, said by her parents to have joined a cult. But nothing is quite as it seems. Whatever Doesn't Kill You - Read the first chapter.

A few months after she was hired, P. All the evidence points toward him, and he himself is too confused and handicapped to say whether or not he did indeed murder her. Meanwhile, Emma's search for an adoptee's birth mother blind-sides her when every "fact" she's been given turns out to be a lie and she suspects she's discovered a long-ago crime. Lyle Zacharias television producer and a popular Broadway playwright is throwing a luxurious birthday party for himself in Philadelphia, which is his hometown.

Lyle gives a speech, but drops dead during it. The culprit looks to be Bea herself, whose gave Lyle fifty tarts that were both delicious, but also poisoned. Before they strike again.

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Amanda could be the next target herself. Whoever said that teaching was not exciting was certainly wrong. With all of the excitement she sees, she will have to retire before she gets to be thirty-one years old. That is, assuming she lives that long. They wonder if this will continue throughout the whole series, something that they do not mind. Some like how well Amanda does as a civilian sleuth; some think that it is simply a natural thing for her to do.

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She is not pretentious, but just pure lovable. Fans of the novel like the way you can pick up any book from the series without having to read any of the others. Their beach vacation becomes deadly, after a bludgeoned corpse turns up in their room at the hotel.

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Amanda hits the boardwalk, to try to find who the real killer is. She chases clues down, in the casinos, around the surf. She finds that appearances, often times, are more than deceitful; they can also be criminal and even murderous. Readers are always impressed by the stories Gillian Roberts tells in the series. With each book, they like the experience even more. Amanda gets even tougher, not being so timid as she once was and her naivete is slowly going away. Some cannot help but wonder what happens next, and get the next book in this great series.

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Book s. The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. Amanda Pepper Books In Order.

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