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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. DVD cover. List of Once Upon a Time episodes. Ralph Hemecker. In a flashback, an year-old Henry says goodbye to Regina as he departs Storybrooke on a trip to new realms, in hopes of finding his own story. Many years later, Henry runs into Cinderella's carriage in the New Enchanted Forest and after a string of events that almost get them captured at a ball, he offers her the chance at a new start back in Storybrooke, as he is due to return through a portal that evening.

When Henry finds a glass slipper left for him at their meeting spot, he decides to stay behind. In present-day Seattle, an older Henry is reunited with his daughter Lucy, whom he does not remember because of a curse. In hopes of breaking it, Lucy leads him to her neighborhood of Hyperion Heights, home to many other cursed fairytale characters including Jacinda, Lucy's down-on-her-luck single mother who is in a contentious relationship with her powerful stepmother Victoria.

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Others include Roni, a bar owner who is struggling with having to sell her establishment to Victoria, and Rogers, a cop who gets promoted to a detective and is introduced to his new partner, Weaver. In flashback to Storybrooke, Hook is training an 18 year old Henry as Emma watches on. She confesses to Hook that she worries Henry is about to leave on his own. In order to comfort her, Hook shows her a bottle Henry can use to call on them if he gets into trouble. Many years later, as Henry is about to be captured by Lady Tremaine, he uses the bottle to call on Emma, Hook, and Regina for help.

In the present, Victoria hires Rogers and Weaver to drive Henry out of the neighborhood. Rogers does not agree with Weaver's methods and helps Henry instead. Rogers, Henry, and Roni end up forming an alliance against Victoria. Meanwhile, Jacinda has to find another way to be at Lucy's ballet recital after Victoria makes things difficult for her.

David H. In a flashback, Cinderella arrives at the spot in the forest where she is supposed to meet Henry, but does not find him there. She then meets Princess Tiana, who recruits her to be part of the resistance against Lady Tremaine. She leaves one of her glass slippers behind for Henry to find. A short while later, Henry, Regina, and Hook arrive at their campsite and join the efforts.

Later, Cinderella sneaks into Tremaine's castle alone, where Tremaine reveals that she has kept her almost-deceased daughter Anastasia preserved since her "death" at age 14 and needs a pure heart to revive her. She tasks Cinderella with stealing Henry's, since he has the heart of the truest believer.

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In the present day, Jacinda tries to save Lucy's beloved community garden from Victoria, while Lucy takes a skeptical Henry on a trip under the garden lot in hopes of finding proof of everyone's fairytale pasts. Meanwhile, Henry, Roni, and Rogers find their first lead against Victoria. Rogers captures the man working with her, but is irritated to find Weaver setting the man free to use him as a future connection.

Also, it is revealed that Victoria is not cursed and has been keeping a witch as her prisoner at the top of Belfrey Towers.

In a flashback to Gideon's first birthday, Rumple and Belle decide to leave Storybrooke to travel the world. Years later, Rumple tells Belle that he wants to stop being the Dark One so he can be mortal again and live out one single life with her. Over the years, they search for ways to get rid of his Darkness. When Gideon is 18, Belle comes across a prophecy that leads them to the Edge of Realms, where they must wait for the sun's brightest set before they can be guided to the path Rumple must take to get rid of the Darkness.

They build a home there as they wait for the event to occur. However, an aging Belle eventually admits that the "sun" of which the prophecy spoke was actually herself and that her death will mark the start of his journey.


When Belle dies, Rumple sets off to search for a Guardian who will be able to take the Darkness from him so that he can ultimately be reunited with Belle. In the present day, Tilly, who is actually Alice, begins to wake up from the curse after she stops taking pills given to her by Victoria and, after several attempts, manages to get Weaver to remember his true identity. In flashbacks, Tiana seeks a prince to help save her kingdom and is guided by Dr. Facilier to a man named Robert.

She soon realizes that Facilier had enlisted Robert to steal a magical ruby from her in exchange for reuniting him with his lover who had been turned into a frog. In the present day, Tiana decides to run a pop-up beignet shop out of Mr. Cluck's with Jacinda's help. Victoria sends someone to burn the place down, which then causes friction between the two roommates. Rogers comes across a detainee at the police station who he thinks is connected to Eloise Gardener, the missing girl he's trying to find.

Meanwhile, Roni decides to investigate Ivy's interest in helping Henry. Ivy takes her to the top of the towers and Roni finds a photo of herself and a young Henry taken in Storybrooke. However, it is later revealed that Ivy hasn't been cursed either and has her own dealings with the witch of which her mother is unaware. In a flashback, Regina comes across Drizella, who is looking for magic to escape from her mother. When she reveals that she was actually born with magic, Regina begins to train her. However after Regina runs into Rumple, who tells her that Lady Tremaine must have been aware of the magic lessons, the two women realize that Lady Tremaine was counting on using Drizella's heart to revive Anastasia.

Drizella ends up blackening her own heart by killing the prince, making it unusable for revival, and vows to cast a Curse like Regina's to make her mother suffer. In the present day, Roni struggles with what to believe about the mysterious photo, which is complicated by newly discovered information about "Regina Mills" into which Lucy encouraged her to look. Drizella gathers the ingredients for a plant that the witch then cultivates and, when she serves its essence to Roni, she wakes up and remembers her life as Regina. Drizella then reveals that she cast the curse and blackmails Regina into keeping Henry and Jacinda apart, reminding her of a special contingency that was put into the Curse that would hurt her family if she didn't comply.

Alex Kalymnios. In a flashback in the Wish Realm, shortly after the Charmings stopped Regina from casting her Curse, Hook agrees to grant her passage on the Jolly Roger in exchange for leading him to powerful magic guarded by a witch. When he arrives at the witch's tower, he finds Rapunzel instead. She instructs him to retrieve a golden flower from the witch's garden.

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When he returns with it to help her, they spend the night together. The next morning, it is revealed that Rapunzel is actually Gothel and their night together produced a baby, whom Gothel leaves behind so she can escape the tower. Hook gives the Jolly Roger to Smee and decides to stay with his daughter, who is unable to leave due to the tower's spell.

He names her Alice after his own mother. In the present day, Rogers is on a mad hunt for Eloise with help from Henry and Tilly. And he apparently teams up with a bunch of other mutants, including Magneto, in this latest X-movie. The X-Men franchise has been going since , with an increasingly confusing continuity , but at least they keep finding ways to raise the stakes.

It looks very much like more of the same , but hopefully with more turtles and less of Will Arnett macking on Megan Fox. The Conjuring was one of our favorite horror films of the last few years, in large part because of the real emotion in the story of real-life demon-hunting couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. The good news is, director James Wan is back for the sequel, in which the Warrens go to England to deal with a poltergeist in a story based on a real-life case from the s.

The first movie, in which four magicians outwit everybody and steal from the rich, was an unexpected pleasure. The epic game franchise is getting a huge film adaptation, directed by Duncan Jones Moon. Fingers crossed that Jones can actually pull this off. The long-awaited sequel to Finding Nemo , in which the amnesiac fish named Dory Ellen DeGeneres goes on a quest to find where she came from , accompanied by Nemo and Marlin.

Andrew Stanton is back as writer and director, so fins crossed. Watch the trailer! Steven Spielberg directs a fantasy from the mind of Roald Dahl. That alone is pretty incredible. Check out the trailer. What if Tarzan got out of the jungle? How would the world treat him? Jackson teams up on the side of good. The trailer shows promise , but this is the same studio that brought us Pan.

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Frank Grillo returns for the third Purge movie, which this time will explore his mysterious anti-hero from the second film and dive a bit deeper into this world. A world where for one night per year, all crime is legal. Think Toy Story with pets. That simple, genius idea of what pets do when their owners go out is the basis for this animated film from the team behind Despicable Me. Featuring tons of cameos from the original film and the amazing comedic eye of director Paul Feig, expectations could not be higher.

Yes, they are still making these movies. The latest one, the fifth in the series, will reportedly tell the story of how Scrat, the always hungry and clumsy squirrel, finds himself in space. Bonus, Neil deGrasse Tyson will add his voice to the film. Horror master James Wan Saw, Insidious produces this supernatural thriller about a brother and sister Teresa Palmer and Gabriel Bateman who encounter an evil being that only comes out when the lights turn off.

Which is kind of every single horror bad guy ever. But this film, based on a viral short film by David F. Sandberg, has some truly scary potential. The crew of the starship Enterprise is in the middle of their five year voyage mission started at the end of Into Darkness when they encounter Krall Idris Elba , a new villain with a bone to pick against the Federation. Justin Lin, the direction of Fast and Furious , aims to breath some life in to the J. Abrams produced franchise that got decimated by critics and fans alike the last time around.

An awesome premise and equally great supporting cast including Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino only raise the stakes. After a pretty successful detour from the main story, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are back in one of the biggest spy franchises out there today. One of the most decorated science fiction novels of the past decade, The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin, gets a big budget movie adaptation. The story follows a family in several time periods, dimensions and more as they live and contribute to the edges of science and beyond. It follows four kingdoms battling for ultimate dominance.

A star-studded comic book adaptation starring nothing but villains? It could either be the next evolution in what a comic book movie could be, or a huge miss.

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Check out the first footage. The team behind This Is the End and The Interview bring their unique blend of potty humor and pop culture sensibilities to this hard R-rated animated film about a rogue sausage who must traverse the supermarket during a July 4th sale. First time director Nic Mathieu tells the story of a a group of supernatural eliminators who are called in to fight a threat in Europe. The whole thing screams under-the-rader awesome. Legendary stop motion studio Laika goes away from the supernatural that has served them so well and into realm of fantasy adventure.

Kubo tells the story of a young boy whose family history forces him into an epic quest to find the armor of the greatest samurai who ever lived. Watch the beautiful trailer. The team behind the awesome remake of The Evil Dead , director Fede Alvarez and producer Sam Raimi, are back with this thriller that follows a group of kids who break into the house of a blind man only to find out that was a big, big mistake. The Infected have a special language but one human Smith can speak it, which puts him at the center of the fight to save the human race.

Conceived, written and co-directed by Neighbors and Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nicholas Stoller, Storks takes the tried and true idea of storks delivering babies and turns it on its head by having them deliver for online retailers. That is, of course, until one actually delivers a baby. Channing Tatum is poised to put on a cajun accent and throw some playing cards as he brings one of the most popular X-Men characters to life in this solo movie.

Amazing director J. Before turning his attention to writing, Daniel spent his days working as an executive in the Internet indus Trader's Honour is an enjoyable science fiction read.

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It's low on technobabble and explicit sciencey stuff, although the worldbuilding is fairly solid.